Balance Sheets (Financial Institutions and Conglomerates)


The balance sheet files are provided monthly or quarterly, depending on the financial institution type. They contain the Balance Sheet for financial institutions (document code 4010) and the Financial Consolidate (document code 4040). In order to highlight the source of the resource, the direction of the credit and the nature of the operations, the Asset and Liability accounts are subdivided into five levels, but for the publication all accounts are disclosure up to level three. For more information about the levels of accounts, see link, Chapter 1 – Basic Rules – General Principles – Classification of Accounts.

According to Communicate 20.467/2011, the disclosure of all documents from the Chart of Accounts for Financial Institutions (COSIF) must occur 60 days after the document closing date, except for December, which must be disclosed up to 90 days of the closing date.

According to Law 4.595/64, the financial institutions must calculate loss and profits on June, 30th and on December, 31st, every year, observing accounting rules established by the Nacional Monetary Council (CMN). The loss and profit accounts, both debtor or creditor positions, must be liquidated (zeroed) by the closing dates on June and December.

Balance Sheet Files Fields Description

Date: Reference date for the document (formatted as YYYYMM).

CNPJ: Institution identifier from the National Corporate Taxpayers Registry (CNPJ), maintained by Brazilian Federal Revenue Office (RFB).

Institution Name: Name of the financial institution, as stated in the Brazilian Central Bank Entity Registry (Unicad).

Attribute: Represented by letters (from A to Z), it identifies the type of institution that can use a certain account (for more information see link, Chapter 2 - Chart of Accounts – Comments).

Document: Identifier for the accounting report in question, from the Documents Catalog (Cadoc) (see document format at, chapter 3 - Documents).

Account: Account identifier for the balance in question, following standards defined in the Cosif (see link, chapter 2 - Chart of Accounts – for information on how each account must be calculated).

Account Name: Full account name, as defined by Cosif.

Balance: Account outstanding balance. Must be formatted with 2 decimal places (the proper formatting must be applied depending on the software application used to read the file). The field must be presented using the proper currency label, which must be one of the following, according to the statement closing date.

  • Real (R$): from 07/1994 to date
  • Cruzeiro Real (CR$): from 08/1993 to 06/1994
  • Cruzeiro (Cr$) : from 03/1990 to 07/1993
  • Cruzado Novo (NCz$): from 01/1989 to 02/1990
  • Cruzado (Cz$): up to 12/1988

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